No one can avoid the Gen AI tsunami, and we, as developers, are in the front line for picking up this new cool kid on the block. Even if for historic reasons, AI has been mainly used with Python, people are starting to realize that in order to “industrialize” an AI project they could benefit from the whole Java ecosystem and in fact Java AI libraries are starting to join the party ! Join me in this 100% live coding session where I will show how you can benefit from Quarkus developer experience combined with the power of Langchain4j , aka the Hibernate of the LLMs. And we will also see how to make the local development loop possible using Ollama, aka the docker of LLMs.
Sébastien Blanc
Sébastien Blanc,is a Passion-Driven-Developer with one primary goal : Make the Developers Happy. He likes to share his passion by giving talks that are pragmatic, fun and focused on live coding.