Blind Ignite Talk
Ignite (BEGINNER level)
Brewhouse & Kitchen
The speaker has never seen the deck they are about to present, and is told the subject matter just before the clock starts ticking.
20 slides will auto-advance every 15 seconds.
What could possibly go wrong?
Chris Simon
Chris Simon - Technology Coaching & Advisory
Chris is a technology coach & advisor empowering technology teams to drive business success. He has a particular focus on helping startups realise their vision and new CTOs flourish in their roles. He also supports executives & boards with strategic technology advice, and engineering teams with training, mentoring and consulting in architecture, quality, domain-driven design and test driven development.
He is a regular meetup & conference speaker (NDC, KanDDDinsky, Serverless Days ANZ) and to support teams using Domain-Driven Design, he recently launched & co-founded the DDD Australia meetup.
He is the technical co-founder of, home of Australian Fintech success stories and (recently acquired by NAB).