REST in Peace. Long live gRPC!

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This session focuses on modern and efficient Inter Process Communication (IPC) for microservices. We start with a REST API, built with just a few lines of code using JAX-RS and Quarkus to briefly discuss the pros and cons of this approach. Then, we will extend the API with an efficient Protobuf payload representation in order to finally transform the API into a fully fledged high-performance gRPC interface definition. But that's not all! To put some extra icing on the cake, this talk will demonstrate how to consume the gRPC service from a JavaScript web client and also how to completely generate a matching REST API from an enhanced gRPC interface definition to ensure full interoperability in a microservice architecture.

Mario-Leander Reimer

QAware GmbH

M.-Leander Reimer is a technical business unit director and principal software architect working for QAware GmbH. He is a senior Java developer and architect with several years of experience in designing complex and distributed system architectures. He is continuously looking for innovations and ways to combine and apply state-of-the-art technology and open source software components in real-world projects. He studied computer science at Rosenheim and Staffordshire University and he is teaching cloud computing and software quality assurance as a part time lecturer.