Mind The Classpath (between the Compiler and Platform Runtime)
Byte Size (BEGINNER level)
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Java is known for its verbosity and the high entry barrier it presents, especially for small projects. Although improvements to the language in recent years have helped to reduce some of the perceived friction in getting started, one area which the ecosystem still remains comparatively heavyweight is dependency management. Despite the mature build tools available in the Java ecosystem, this fundamental aspect of the platform can sometimes be unintuitive and puzzling to developers of all levels. This talk will explore a common source of runtime errors arising from misconfiguration of the Java classpath and provide insights into resolving them.
Sina Madani
Sina is a Java Developer Advocate at Vonage. He completed his PhD (titled "Parallel & Distributed Execution of Model Management Programs) in Computer Science from the University of York in 2020. He has published and presented his research at several international academic conferences. He is keenly interested in Java and automation. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games and walking.