At Devoxx UK we're committed to offering a hand to folks who want to break into speaking at conferences. Working with the good people at the London Java Community, we've brought together a variety of new speakers from their Aspiring Speaker and Couch to Conference programmes. This session is their chance to step onto the conference stage for the first time.
Rajani Rao
From Overwhelmed to Overachieving: Revolutionizing Development with Serverless and Event-Driven Architectures
Yemurai Rabvukwa
Chemistry to Cybersecurity: The Intersection Between Seemingly Unrelated Disciplines
Farhath Razzaque
Automation and AI Workflows - Hack your way to 10x Engineer
Manogna Machiraju
How to Get Comfortable with Imposter Syndrome in Leadership Roles
Leena Mooneeram
A Developer's Guide to Platform Happiness

Join us and give them a warm welcome.
Various Speakers
Various speakers from the LJC Aspiring Speakers and Couch to Conference programmes