With Eclipse Temurin, the Adoptium working group provides an open and enterprise-ready Java runtime that is based on OpenJDK. By combining the knowledge of working group members like Azul, IBM, Red Hat, or Microsoft, Adoptium achieved a critical goal within the Java community: Providing a vendor-neutral, free to use and enterprise-ready Java Runtime that is established, used and backed by several leaders in the Java ecosystem.
But the Adoptium WG has more projects than just Temurin. With AQAvit we defined a new level of quality checks for Java runtimes and the Adoptium Marketplace is used around the world to download certified and enterprise-ready Java distribution from many vendors.
In this session, we want to give an overview of all main projects and topics that are currently in work under the Adoptium top-level project. And as already said: We have way more to tell to you than just the dates for the next Temurin release.
George Adams
George Adams is a Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft, Java Champion and Steering Committee chair at Eclipse Adoptium. Since co-founding AdoptOpenJDK in 2016 he has been leading the community outreach efforts and was heavily involved in moving the project to the Eclipse Foundation. George also contributes to both the OpenJS Foundation and the Node.js Foundation where he is a core collaborator and plays an active role in several of the workgroups.