Troubleshooting Your Maven and Gradle Builds with Build Scan®
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When something goes wrong during your build, do you:
1) Know immediately how to fix it
2) Spend minutes or hours digging around different places to figure out what went wrong
3) Ask The Build Expert to take a look
Yes, there are times when it's obvious what went wrong. But even if you only have issues with the build every so often, it usually takes a lot of digging around, experimenting, asking and answering questions, waiting for people to get back to you, before you realise some rogue dependency or tiny line of code in the build script caused all the problems.
In this session, Trisha will show you how to use the free Build Scan service to identify build and test issues, and share the details of a broken build (or even a successful one) to get help with troubleshooting.
Trisha Gee
Trisha is a software engineer, Java Champion and author. Trisha has developed Java applications for a range of industries of all sizes, including finance, manufacturing and non-profit, and she's a lead developer advocate at Gradle. She has expertise in Java high-performance systems and dabbles with Open Source development.
Trisha’s exceptionally passionate about sharing things that help real developers. That might be: getting them up to speed on the latest version of Java; teaching them tips and tricks to improve their productivity; or promoting healthy technical communities across the globe. Trisha values helping all developers level up their career and skills at every step of their journey.
Read more from Trisha in the books “Head First Java”, “Getting to Know IntelliJ IDEA”, “97 Things Every Java Developer Should Know” and “What to Look for in a Code Review”.