As organisations embrace microservices architecture to achieve rapid, independent deployments, they often encounter obstacles that impede these benefits. A common challenge is an overreliance on traditional end-to-end testing strategies, which, while providing confidence, can slow deployment, create dependencies, and limit team autonomy.
Drawing from the transformative journey at Discover Financial Services, where we navigated the challenges of modernising systems into a microservices architecture, this presentation will delve into the hurdles encountered, the pivotal role of contract testing in overcoming these challenges, various contract testing strategies and open source tools, and our evolutionary path towards embracing contract testing. Join me to discover how this approach became the catalyst for removing bottlenecks in our CI/CD pipeline, unlocking the true potential of microservices for unparalleled agility and success.
Praveen Erode Mohanasundaram
Discover Financial Services
Praveen Erode Mohanasundaram is a hands-on engineering leader with nearly two decades of experience in the financial services industry. His diverse background spans backend development, testing, architecture, devops, cloud computing and leadership of teams, guilds, and large modernisation programs. Currently, he is instrumental in building new technology capabilities for Discover® and contributes to open source projects in his spare time. Praveen possesses a profound understanding of the Payments landscape and has recently played a pivotal role in building, steering and scaling the contract testing practice at Discover. In his free time, Praveen enjoys playing chess, tennis and cricket.