Quarkus Renarde 🦊♥ : an old-school Web framework with today's touch

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Quarkus Renarde 🦊♥ is a new Web framework based on Quarkus. This time we're not doing micro-services, but a Web application, by making Quarkus even easier to use for that:

- Endpoints based on convention, even easier than RESTEasy Reactive and JAX-RS

- Templating (server-side) with Qute

- Validation with Hibernate Validation

- Data with Hibernate ORM or Reactive with Panache

- Authentication with Open ID Connect or Webauthn, fingers in the nose

And all this while keeping the joy of developing with Quarkus (live reload, continuous testing, DEV UI, etc…)

We will show you all these foxy features thanks to a sample but complete application: a Todo with users, registration/login/OIDC/Webauthn, validation, emails, etc…

Sébastien Blanc

Red Hat

Sébastien Blanc, Red Hat's Director of Developer Experience, is a passion-driven developer with one primary goal: Sharing his passion by giving talks that are pragmatic, fun, and focused on live coding.

Stephane Epardaud

Red Hat

From deep into the Nice mountains, Stéphane works for Red Hat on the Vert.x and Quarkus projects.

Passionate hacker in Java, C, Perl or Scheme. A web standards and database enthusiast, he implemented among other things a WYSIWYG XML editor, a multi-threading library in C, a mobile-agent language in Scheme (compiler and virtual machines), and some Web 2.0 RESTful services and rich web interfaces with JavaScript and HTML 5.

Eager to share, he is a frequent speaker at various conferences such as the Scheme Workshop, Nice University, Devoxx, JavaOne, JavaZone, JAX, many Java User Groups as well as the Riviera Java User Group he co-leads. A long-time open-source user and advocate, he worked on Ceylon, RESTEasy, Redpipe, Reactive Contexts, jax-doclets, stamps.js and various Play! Framework modules. He is also co-creator of the Riviera DEV conference.

He now works full time on various Vert.x and Quarkus projects for Red Hat.