👨‍🎨 Draw me like one of your Web Browsers

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Come and hear the grand story of the Web Browsers, with marvelous live sketching, surprising twists, and loads of anecdotes.

No slides, only Pierre drawing live as Noël will recount those incredible stories that changed our world.

🎶 Near, far, wherever you are

I believe that the Web does go on

Once more, you open the browser

And you're here in the cyberspace

And your search will go on and on 🎶

Noël Macé

Passionate about sharing technical knowledge and about meeting and helping people, Noël loves to teach and has offered talks on diverse topics from the very beginning of his career in technology. He is a web developer, a former mobile and java developer, with experience in learning design, teaching, software architecture, and technical management. Based on this wide experience, he now focuses on the developer community, as he helps developers around the world master the modern capabilities of the Web (among other things) through talks, blog posts, and OSS contributions.

Pierre Tibulle


CTO IKO-BOX, Mobile Developper, Sketchnoter, GDG Android Nantes