Open Source at commercial organisations

Development Practices
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Open Source software dominates the world. It powers NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter, it enables founders to quickly turn business ideas into products, it reveals its adoption through critical vulnerabilities that scare companies.

In this talk we will go through our learnings of doing Open Source at a company with thousands of engineers. The focus will be primarily on producing open source software rather than on using it.

Topics to be discussed:

  • How we improved the open-source release cycle from almost a year to a few days
  • Providing an on-road experience for Open Source across the company
  • Moving from 10+ GitHub organisations to a single one
  • Why your legal and security counterparts are your friends and how you can best work with them
  • Promoting your open source projects

Daniel Albuquerque

Expedia Group

Daniel is a software engineer with the Expedia Group. His current mandate is to improve the overall resilience of the company's tech stack. His personal OKR is improving developer happiness by promoting simplicity in complex systems as well as a culture with a strong focus on observability and resilient systems.

Nikos Katirtzis

Expedia Group

Software Engineer with a keen interest in Distributed Systems, Developer Productivity, and Open Source.

I enjoy solving problems, shipping products, growing individuals and teams, and sharing knowledge through public speaking and technical writing.

My goal is to promote good engineering practices, provide great developer experience, and make systems more resilient.

Experienced in leading projects in product, developer productivity, and SRE/platform engineering teams.

My studies include a MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a MSc in Computer Science with a focus on source code mining.