In this fast-paced coding lab, we'll roll up our sleeves and build two practical LLM-powered applications with LangChain4j: a customer assistant booking agent and a chatbot for product feedback that automatically creates helpdesk tickets. Towards the end, we'll pool our collective brainpower to come up with the next-level LLM-(ab)using app - your ideas are the only limit! Join us, and let's code together.
Lize Raes
Open Tide
Lize is AI Transition Specialist at Open Tide, and Head of AI at a Swiss company specializing in software for drug discovery and gene technology. In parallel, she develops LLM-powered apps and is a core member of the LangChain4j team. Lize loves using technology to solve societal issues. This has driven her in the past to work as a cochlear implant researcher at Ghent University, to develop a COVID-19 prognosis model for advising the Belgian government, and to engage as a committee member for the CNCF + UN hackathon. In her free time, you will find her behind the piano or in her woodworking atelier.