Recipes for migrating Spring Boot apps to Native
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Room A

Spring Boot native images are all the rage now: faster startup, stable performance and optimized resource usage, what's not to like? But there are constraints and limitations, and migrating an existing app can be challenging, and lead to a slog of trial-and-error.
While the Spring Ahead-Of-Time compilation process can infer a lot about an application, it is not enough. There are general patterns to follow, and common pitfalls that can be avoided.
In this live demo, you will learn practical recipes for migrating an existing JVM-based Spring Boot application to native image, tips for improving your workflows, and how to measure the improvements Spring Native brings.
Daniel Garnier-Moiroux
Spring @ Broadcom
Daniel Garnier is a software engineer at Broadcom, working in the identity space and on SSO for applications. He is an adjunct professor at Mines Paris, where he teaches CS and software engineering classes.
He contributes to Spring Security, and has a keen interest in automation and developer productivity.