Advent Of Code, a meta celebration of programming itself.

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Every year since 2015 programmers around the world solve puzzles once a day in a multitude of languages from December 1st to December 25th.

The solutions require non-trivial computational thinking to solve, and touch on the huge variety of algorithms to solve computer problems, from tree walking, to finite state machines, parsing and compiling and constraint problems and more.

There are many You Tube channels every day showing how to solve that day's problem in many different languages, and there are solutions (and visualisations) and jokes and just stuff... provided and posted in Reddit. Many well-know industry figures take part, and all in the name of the sheer fun of code.

This talk will look at some of problems, some of the languages and peek into the community that appears every year during this period whose only interest is to celebrate and enjoy the art of programming itself.


BXB Digital, A Bramble company

Ilan has been working as professional programmer since the year 2000. Over the last twenty odd years he used many languages frameworks and systems; run teams and worked as an individual contributor.

He has programmed professionally in many languages and many frameworks ranging from building interpreters and platforms to architecting and leading teams developing web facing systems.

Ilan has 4 university degrees, He has a BA in English and History, a Bsc in Software Engineering, a BSc(HONS) in computer science and a MSc in Advanced Computing Technologies from Birkbeck, University of London.

Ilan is working today in the R&D and Datascience department of the Digital division of Brambles building and developing software systems.