RxJS Level Up - Advanced Reactive Patterns

Deep Dive
Development Practices

RxJS is one of the most popular libraries in web development today. This doesn't come as a surprise—being baked into the Angular Core, RxJS offers a reactive, functional approach to dealing with events and can be used with other JavaScript frameworks and libraries like React and Vue.

What is more important, the library leverages a powerful and elegant way to work with sync as well as async collections, helping to ensure an orderly execution of function calls.

In this workshop, you will get a deep and complete knowledge of the RxJS library. 

We will learn about the big and little things that make all the difference in understanding the underlying principles of RxJS.

After a practical and detailed tour from creation to destruction of observables, we will focus on the concepts like multicasting, custom pipes, and higher-order observables.


  • Advanced Error handling
  • Error-prone code encapsulation
  • A deep dive into Subjects
  • Multicasting with Observables 
  • Advanced Flattening Operators
  • Advanced Combination Operators
  • Stateful Reactive Programming
  • Performance optimisations

Michael Hladky

Michael Hladky is a Google Developer Expert (GDE), Microsoft MVP, trainer, and consultant with a focus on Angular and RxJS. For years he has been helping companies and developers to set up scalable architectures and performant processes enabling teams to keep up with state-of-the art development. A vibrant member of the tech community, he organizes multiple community events and workshops each year to give back.