Enterprise Cloud Patterns - Data Management

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The Cloud has changed the way developers approach building applications. Whether you're building Monoliths in the Cloud, Microservices, or Cloud Functions, the keys to successful development, deployment, and operations are challenging.

How do Enterprise developers stay on top of this complexity?

In this session, we'll discuss Cloud Native Architecture, and how specifically, Enterprise developers can think and build systems for the Cloud. We'll focus on the Data patterns with the time we have alloted, and we will discuss these topics in some details, and others related topics:

- State for Stateless

- Cache Aside

- Materialized View


- Valet Key

- Static Content Hosting

- Sharding Pattern


Azul Systems

Pratik Patel is a Java Champion and developer advocate at Azul Systems. He wrote the first book on 'enterprise Java' in 1996, "Java Database Programming with JDBC." An all around software and hardware enthusiast with experience in the healthcare, telecom, financial services, and startup sectors. Helps to organize the Atlanta Java User Group, frequent speaker at tech events, and master builder of nachos.