Purple Pound - Accessibility in the UK and becoming a Master Accessible Author.

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Purple Pound – the spending power of disabled people and their families – is worth a staggering £274 billion and is estimated to be rising by 14% per year. Yet, less than 10% of organizations have a targeted plan to access the disability market.

Recently, Newsletters, presentations, online classes, meetings, workshops, and more forms of digital communication and information sharing have soared in use. 

Messy formats, confusing links, and reliance on imagery can create a highly challenging environment for visually impaired users. At the same time, customers with reduced motor function may struggle to fill in personal details within the allotted time frame. As a result, a moment that should provoke excitement can cause considerable distress for disabled users, resulting in the loss of sales and, more importantly, a missed social experience.

One of our recent key learnings has been the importance of accessible digital materials. The shift to digital work has allowed business continuity while we share even more information electronically.

When you build and share accessible content, you empower people with disabilities at home, work, and school.

Join me as we look at 10 Habits to create accessible content and the belief it is possible to create an inclusive workplace and school environment, but it takes awareness and planning.

Julien Dubois


Julien Dubois manages the Java developer advocacy team at Microsoft.

He is known as the creator and lead developer of the JHipster project, and as a Java Champion. In the past 20 years, Julien mainly worked with the Java and Spring technologies, leading technical teams for many different customers across all industries. As he loves sharing his passion, Julien wrote a book on the Spring Framework, spoke at more than 200 international conferences, and created several popular Open Source projects.