Supercharge Your Developer Journey with Tiny Atomic Habits
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Room A

Discover the transformative power of atomic habits in your journey as a developer. Join us in this captivating talk to unlock the secrets of becoming a remarkable developer through small, achievable changes.
In this session, we will delve into the Four Laws of Behavior Change, empowering you to adopt new habits that will propel your coding skills to new heights. Learn effective strategies to enter the coding flow state while minimizing distractions, and master the art of acquiring new tech skills with ease.
Don't miss this opportunity to gain practical insights and actionable takeaways that will revolutionize your development process. Embrace the power of tiny atomic habits and unlock your true potential as a great developer.
Natan Silnitsky
Natan Silnitsky is a backend-infra technical product manager and developer at Wix.
He's part of group that provides solutions for Wix's platformization and development needs that accelerate development of microservices and serverless functions at Wix.
Before that he was tech lead for a team building event-driven libraries and tools on Kafka.
A co-maintainer of Greyhound, an open-source Kafka client, and a Scala enthusiast.
Natan is a renowned speaker, blogger, and advocate for clean, functional code, efficient development, and exceptional software design.