Continuous Profiling, the missing piece in your observability puzzle!
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Exec Centre

We’re living in an ever growing distributed world, making our services smaller, deployed and multiple container instances, deployed in different nodes and regions around the globe, making it even harder to profile our application, analyze and improve its performance.
Continuous profiling is rapidly gaining interest and growing in popularity within the cloud native community. Unlike traditional profiling strategies where data at some specific point in time, continuous profiling advocates for continuous data collection and analysis with the goal of obtaining a near real-time understanding of application performance and improving code efficiency across the entire stack.
This pragmatic talk will help you understand the ins and outs of continuous profiling. You’ll also understand how continuous profiling fits into the observability stack? What are some popular open source options ? and what are its challenges ?
Mohammed Aboullaite
Mohammed is a community catalyst, a true open-source believer who has contributed to many open-source projects. Mohammed has extensive hands-on, cross-industry experience in designing, building and evolving distributed applications at scale. He's one of Google developer experts in cloud, and work @Spotify as Sr Backend engineer.