Empowering Growth: The Art of Harnessing Your Mentor's Expertise as a Senior Developer
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room B

As a senior developer, you have likely acquired a wealth of technical knowledge and honed your skills through years of experience. However, even the most seasoned professionals can benefit from the guidance and expertise of a mentor. In fact, harnessing the wisdom of a mentor can be a powerful tool for accelerating your growth and development in the field.
In this session, we will explore the art of empowering your growth as a senior developer by leveraging your mentor's expertise. We will discuss how to find the right mentor, establish effective communication channels, and create a mutually beneficial relationship. Additionally, we will delve into the specific ways in which a mentor can contribute to your professional growth, including expanding your technical knowledge, providing career guidance, and offering invaluable insights based on their own experiences.
Markus Westergren
Umecon AB
Markus Westergren is a staff engineer with over 20 years of experience. During his work with large backend projects, Markus has repeatedly seen the big impact code quality has on the outcome of the projects and the careers of the developers working on them. Because of that, Markus focuses on helping professional Java back-end developers write maintainable code so that they become sought-after experts in the software development industry.