Your Approach To Application Design Is (Probably) Backward

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If your organization is like most I have seen or worked with, you are probably approaching the design, creation, and implementation of your software in a way that ensures rework, impedes UX, and does not mitigate Conway's Law.

What if there was a different way? A better way? What if you could quickly build and validate an amazing user experience, then based on that UX/UI be able to quickly implement the supporting services, all while eliminating integration issues?

This IS possible by leveraging a new way of looking at application/product development.

In this session, I will demonstrate a way of quickly prototyping UX/UI such that creating and integrating the supporting backend system becomes trivial and we are able to almost completely eliminate integration issues. I will also show how we can go from a validated UX/UI to a fully functional product in record time. All of this is thanks to a novel approach leveraging a few open source tools. Even more impressive is that it can work with almost any language or framework or platform of your choice. Want to use Vue for frontend and Go for the server, React plus Java, Angular and NodeJS+Express? All of those combinations work just fine with this technique.

I have been using/teaching/refining this technique with clients and co-workers for about 4 years now and it really does work!

Deven Phillips

Red Hat, Inc.

Deven has spent more than 25 years delivering custom open-source solutions to reduce costs and improve reliability for his clients. A co-organizer of both the Louisville Area Java User's Group (JUGGL) and the KY Open Source Society (KYOSS), Deven has been sharing his knowledge and experience with the community for a long time. Deven's expertise lies in server-side and infrastructure, software development, and DevOps using a number of different programming languages. Deven is also a contributor to a number of both small and well-known open source projects like Apache Camel, Quarkus, Vert.x, and more.