Billion of events make large databases. And with large databases come large headaches.
When you have many records that only differ for a few fields, you need a compression method that could make the difference. Literally.
So goodbye GZIP and welcome VCDIFF!
We'll see how to efficiently compress any kind of data taking advantage of their similarity while being completely format agnostic. You'll see how powerful the VCDIFF compression is with some live coding and some live drawing where we'll try to beat even the JPEG compression.
Michele Costantino Soccio
Michele is a Principal Engineer at Amadeus, where he addresses the software and database scalability challenges of the Airlines Revenue Accounting solution. Since joining Amadeus in 2010, he has specialized in distributed systems and in transitioning complex systems from legacy stacks to modern, more efficient architectures. Prior to this, he was a researcher in multimedia video quality assessment and a pianist.
Michele is passionate about both computer and human languages and is an avid reader and classical music enthusiast