A long time ago (13 years) in a conference centre far, far away (San Francisco), Jedi Master Joda gave a controversial opinionated talk on JVM languages - "The Next Big JVM Language".
At the time, Scala, Groovy and Clojure were snapping at Java's heels, and Kotlin has joined the mix since.
But Master Joda argued that the Next Big JVM Language would be Java!
It is time for me to return to the topic and examine the JVM language scene in 2024.
  • How far has Java moved forward in the last 13 years?
  • What do the other JVM languages have to teach Java?
  • Where is Java still lacking?
  • And most crucially, did the concept of "Next Big JVM Language" happen or not!
Come along to hear an opinionated talk on the future of JVM languages!
Stephen Colebourne
Stephen has worked with Java since v1.0. He is a Java Champion and JavaOne Rock Star speaker. He is best known for his work on date and time including Joda-Time and the java.time.* packages.