Improving your skills with the debugger

Development Practices
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This presentation is about levelling up your debugging game. Most developers only use the proverbial tip of the iceberg when working with the debugger. There is so much more to learn so lets have a look at interesting mechanisms like:

- remote debugging (why stay on your local machine?)

- inline watches (interesting values directly in the code)

- hot code swapping (faster than rewriting the code)

- stream debugging (for those hard to debug streams)

The entire presentation will be in IntelliJ. Some parts are IntelliJ specific, but most parts apply to all IDEs.

Bouke Nijhuis


Bouke Nijhuis is a managing consultant at CINQ ICT. He likes to learn new things and he likes it even more to share those with other people. Furthermore he is an international speaker and a committer of open source projects. You can reach him on Twitter at @boukenijhuis.