Designing concurrent systems is challenging. It ought to be simple to tell our programs do multiple things at once, but whenever we do so our code is cumbersome to work with. Does it have to be?
In this talk, we explore the challenges of concurrent systems. We look at the problems that arise when running multiple concurrent tasks: the complexities of mutable state, resource manipulation, error handling and interruption.
After taking a birds-eye view of different models of concurrent execution, we'll have a deeper look at asynchronous programming on the JVM. We will see how virtual threads are equipped to solve our concurrency challenges, explore their benefits and drawbacks, and see what lies ahead in the concurrency landscape.
Zainab Ali
Dusk Impression
Zainab Ali is a functional programmer, educator, open source contributor and organizer of the London Scala User Group. For the past five years, she’s helped developers master the art of functional programming in Scala. She’s particularly interested in the skill of reasoning through concurrent systems.