Spring Boot vs Quarkus the ultimate battle!
Conference (BEGINNER level)

When you’re building (micro)services, you have lots of framework options. Spring Boot is no doubt a popular choice. But there’s more! Take Quarkus, a framework that’s considered the rising star for Kubernetes-native Java.
It always depends on what's best for your situation, but how to choose the best solution if you're comparing 2 frameworks? Both Spring Boot and Quarkus have their positives and negatives. Let us compare the two by live coding a couple of common use cases in Spring Boot and Quarkus.
After this talk, you’ll be ready to get started with Quarkus yourself, and know when to select Quarkus or Spring Boot.
Berwout de Vries Robles
Berwout de Vries Robles is a software engineer at OpenValue with a passion for CI/CD. He enjoys figuring out ways to increase Software Developer Happiness or at least reduce Software Developer Grumpiness, his own included. He firmly believes that you can do just that by sharing what you’ve learnt. He has been a trainer, teacher, coach and public speaker, besides working as a regular software engineer in the field.
Jago de Vreede
Jago is a full-stack software engineer at OpenValue, as a software engineer he has seen a broad-spectrum of projects. He also likes to take Java to the extreme and do things with are normally not done with Java, like playing an automated guitar. He is passionate about his work and likes to share his knowledge and has therefore spoken at conferences worldwide.