Ever fantasized about having an AI as your gaming buddy? Get ready to turn this dream into reality! 🌟🎲
In this electrifying session, we're bringing the Google Gemini demo video to life, but using GPT-4 😉. Join me as I demonstrate live gaming with GPT-4, a blend of text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and vision technology 🗣️👁️ and unravel the code behind it.
Experience firsthand the thrill of interacting with an AI companion in various games. Join me now!
#gpt-4 #langchain #TypeScript #AIagents #genAI
Charles-Philippe Bernard
JP Morgan Chase
Charles-Philippe Bernard is a seasoned software engineer and IT leader with over two decades of experience, primarily focusing on User Experience, Generative AI, and Large Language Models. As a Senior Manager of Software Engineering at JP Morgan in Glasgow, UK, he excels in strategic leadership, project management, and driving technology-centered business strategies. His expertise is not only in leading international, cross-functional teams but also in steering large-scale business solutions to fruition.
Fluent in French, English, and Spanish, with a working knowledge of German, Italian, Arabic, and Moroccan, Charles-Philippe adds a rich, multicultural perspective to his professional endeavors. He is a passionate speaker, having shared his insights at prominent conferences like Google I/O Extended, Devfest, and Devoxx. His interests extend to developing XR/VR/AR experiences, demonstrating his commitment to exploring and leveraging cutting-edge technologies. Charles-Philippe's dedication to continuous learning and sharing knowledge underscores his role as an innovative leader and mentor in the tech industry.