Apache Maven survival guide “Bring it on! -Mode” #no-external-tools #only-standard-plugins

Build & Deploy
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In many projects, Apache Maven is used and does some stuff - who knows what? In this session, we will pack the best practices from over 10 years of projects into a pom.xml. And you will know what it does and why it's there. Using practical examples, we will look at how to:

  • solve problems in the build
  • make the build reproducible
  • find security issues in the code
  • find security issues in the build
  • make the legal department happy
  • make the build faster
  • reduce the cost of the build
  • emit less CO2

We can do all of this without commercial or additional products - only with Maven standard plugins.

Richard Fichtner

XDEV Software GmbH

Richard Fichtner is a passionate Java developer with more than 15 years of experience in the software industry. He is involved in the open-source community to spread knowledge about Java technologies. He speaks at conferences and contributes to various open-source projects such as Richard is a leader of the Java User Group Oberpfalz, recognized as Oracle ACE and holds a Master of Science degree in applied computer science. He is passionate about enabling developer productivity and supports teams in the use of cloud solutions. His interests are Java, clean code, cloud, new technologies and everything agile.