Platform Engineering is increasingly being understood as a way to scale DevOps within organisations and enable developers to go faster by reducing cognitive load and complexity. But this often doesn’t remove the complexity that developers face, it only shifts it onto the Platform Team. What if there was a way to more evenly distribute complexity so that no single team ends up as a bottleneck? How could a multiplayer internal platform work?
In this talk, Paula will describe how teams can collaborate together to share services and tools, as well as best practices. This will include a high level summary of team types and interaction modes as described in the popular book, Team Topologies. Paula will include examples of cases where this approach is working to improve developer productivity and will also provide some suggestions of how teams could try this out within their own organisations. 
Paula Kennedy
Paula is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Syntasso; her previous roles include Senior Director of Tanzu Global Education at VMware, Senior Director of Platform Services EMEA at Pivotal and Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of CloudCredo. 
Working in the IT industry for over 20 years, Paula is passionate about community, diversity and inclusion and has a range of speaking experience including DevOpsDays, Velocity Conference, QCon and the LeadDev conference.
Paula is part of the organising committee for Kubernetes Community Days UK and DevOps Days London, and also organises the London Platform User Group.