Project Leyden aims to improve the startup time, warmup time, and footprint of Java applications. The best way to improve these metrics is to identify computation that we can simply eliminate. Failing that, we can shift computation temporally, later or earlier in time. We can shift it to a point later in run time, in the hope that it won’t always be necessary but, if it is necessary, at least moving it out of the startup and warmup phases. We can also shift computation to a point earlier than run time, such as compile time, thereby also moving it out of the startup and warmup phases. We’ll dive into what all this means, how it could work, and review recent progress.
Per Minborg
Oracle, Inc
Per Minborg works in the Java Core Library team at Oracle and is also a member of the Panama project team. He is an inventor and developer with more than 20 years of Java coding experience. He has been a frequent contributor to various open-source projects, is a regular speaker at events, an Oracle JavaOne alumnus, and co-author of the publication Modern Java.