Do you have XML data in external systems that you want Connect to bring into Kafka in a more Kafka-native format (such as Avro or JSON)? 
Or do you have Avro or JSON messages on your Kafka topics that you want to sink to external systems as XML?
(Maybe you even have Kafka Connect connectors that you want to produce events in XML form?)
We recently needed to work with XML data in Kafka in a variety of ways, and found it's surprisingly complex to do well. We created a Kafka Connect plugin to make it much easier. In this session, I want to share what we’ve created, and show how you can use it to process XML in a variety of different ways in a Kafka Connect pipeline.
Dale Lane
Dale is an architect for Kafka and event-streaming in IBM Integration. As the lead developer for IBM Event Streams, he learned about managing Apache Kafka in Kubernetes, and how to make this useful to enterprises. In previous roles, he worked on IBM’s Watson AI platform, transforming IBM Research’s AI breakthroughs into a platform for developers, and has been responsible for creating education resources for schools to help explain AI and machine learning.