Navigating the Web of Connections: Overcoming Challenges in Designing Connection Maps for Developers
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This talk explores the nuanced process of designing connection maps for developers, with a focus on functional considerations over conventional UX approaches. We examine common challenges faced in visualizing complex relationships between entities and services, addressing topics such as managing a large number of entities, handling extensive data per entity, and addressing different connection types.
The talk provides practical solutions:
  1. For a large number of entities: Utilize clear titles, filters, and visualization advantages.
  2. Handling extensive data: Employ tooltips, pop-ups, and focus modes.
  3. Tangled connections: Emphasize connections, use focus modes, and employ labels/icons.
  4. Collaboration with developers: Emphasize the importance of involving developers in the design process, navigating preexisting map libraries, and addressing challenges.
  5. Adapting to changing data: Indicate time relevance through refresh buttons and time/date components.
  6. No data scenarios: Introduce empty states and notifications to guide users in resolving issues.
The talk underscores the significance of collaboration between designers and developers in creating effective connection maps, encouraging attendees to leverage appropriate UX patterns for a seamless design process.
Adva Rave
Adva Rave is a Senior UX/UI Designer, specializing in cybersecurity and developer softwares. Her professional focus revolves around the creation of designs that blend functionality with aesthetics. She places a strong emphasis on thorough research. By applying design thinking principles, she addresses complex challenges within the domain of cybersecurity and developer softwares. . Additionally, she leads the UX Women community, empowers women within the field.