Using WASM to port games to the browser: the BlazorDoom use case
Tools-in-Action (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room B
WASM is a powerful platform-agnostic technology. Do you know that you can take advantage of it to port games to the browser as long as the source code can be compiled to WASM ? In that regard, I ported ManagedDoom to the Browser thanks to .Net supporting of WASM.
I this talk, I will share with you how I managed to port ManagedDoom to the web. We'll talk about WASM, game porting, .Net and JavaScript. I'll also share the issues that I encountered and how I solved them.
The concepts that I'll present can be applied to any language that targets WASM. So, come and live this porting adventure again with me👍.
Yassine Benabbas
With nearly 20 years of experience in programming in different languages and a background in computer vision, fullstack development and mobile development, Dr. Yassine is currently a developer advocate at Worldline. His main activities are organizing internal events (development and hosting), maintaining the WL technical blog, training and coaching. His other activities are teaching computer science and writing blog posts. His is passionate about retro videos games and animé.