From Java Developer to Machine Learning Practitioner

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Would you like to transition to a career in machine learning but don't know where to get started? In this engaging session, learn how to leverage your existing knowledge of Java to instantly get started with machine learning through the journey of Kesha Williams, Java developer since the '90s and AWS Machine Learning Hero. She'll share how she got started, show you how to generate deep learning models natively in Java, discuss the challenges she faced on her journey and how she overcame them. Attend this session to level-up your skills and future-proof your career.

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Kesha Williams

A Cloud Guru

Kesha Williams is an award-winning Java software engineer, machine learning practitioner, and technical instructor at A Cloud Guru. She's trained and mentored thousands of Java software engineers in the US, Europe, and Asia while teaching at the university level. She routinely leads innovation teams in proving out emerging technologies and shares her learnings at conferences across the globe. Her pioneering work in the field of artificial intelligence earned her the distinction of both AWS Machine Learning Hero and Alexa Champion from Amazon. In her spare time, she writes Java news for InfoQ and mentors women in tech.