Imagine a future where technology can think and communicate seamlessly. This is what happens when Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) join forces. 
In this session, we'll explore how AI-powered APIs are changing the game.
AI brings smarts to software, and APIs make it easy for different systems to talk to each other. Together, they're revolutionizing industries by making things smarter and more efficient. We'll dive into practical examples of how this affects automation, data analysis, and user experiences.
But it's not all sunshine and roses. We'll also touch on the important topics of ethics and security in this evolving landscape. Join us to discover how this powerful combo is shaping technology's future and making businesses smarter and more connected.
Akshata Sawant
Akshata Sawant is currently working as a Senior Developer Advocate at Salesforce. She has co-authored a book titled “MuleSoft for Salesforce developers” with Packt Publication. Her core domain includes Integration, Security, and DevOps. She is a proficient technical speaker and within a short span of her career, she has delivered presentations at numerous conferences, events, and Meetups.
Her notable speaking deliveries include Dreamforce, London’s Calling, Salesforce TDX, Devoxx Belgium, DevopsDays Geneva, APIDays, and so on.
She has also written blogs and articles for several industry publications.
Also, she’s an active member of the MuleSoft Community and has also been a former MuleSoft Ambassador and is a Meetup leader for London, Manchester and Mumbai.
Akshata has a deep understanding of the latest technologies and trends and can explain complex concepts clearly and concisely. She has conducted a few training sessions on MuleSoft for several organizations.
She is a dynamic and engaging speaker who can connect with her audience and deliver powerful messages. Her passion for her work is evident in her delivery, and she can inspire others to action.
To learn more about her accomplishments, check out her LinkedIn profile: