GraalVM Native Image Fundamentals

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GraalVM Native Image makes it possible to ahead-of-time (AOT) compile any Java bytecode application into a native machine executable that starts almost instantaneously, provides peak performance with no warmup, and requires less memory and less CPU. It's perfect for containerized workloads and microservices which is why it has been embraced by Micronaut, Spring Boot, Helidon, and Quarkus. In this workshop we'll provide a practical introduction to GraalVM Native Image AOT covering how it works, what it can do, when to use it, and how to build native image applications.

Topics include: building with Maven , static and dynamic linking, containerisation, reflection and garbage collection options.

Ewan Slater


I started out as a research scientist and then drifted into IT.

These days I’m the Technical Director of Java & GraalVM product marketing at Oracle with over twenty years experience in the technology industry and a lot less hair.

I joined Oracle when they acquired Thor Technology in 2005. I intended to stay for six months and I’m still here.

I’m currently focused on helping Oracle’s customers and partners adopt a cloud native approach to Java development.

Outside of work I enjoy cycling, cooking and the countryside.

I contribute to a number of open source projects, a former organiser of the DevEast conference in the UK and a member of the Ipswich & Suffolk Technology Network (ISTN).