What if you could just draw what you want?
What if you could just scribble down a drawing of a website, and hit a button to make it real?
What if you could just draw a picture of a database, and hit a button to make it happen?
Multi-modal AI makes this more of a possibility everyday, and we tried it out at tldraw. In this talk, I'll share everything we learned, so that you can make your own version too. I'll show you what worked, what didn't, and the unexpected lessons we picked up the hard way (so that you don't have to).
Lu Wilson
Lu is a developer and designer from London with a background in teaching. They build 'slightly' surreal experiments that explore new forms of computer interaction. They're part of the team at tldraw, while also working as researcher-in-residence at Ink & Switch - and they're the person behind the TodePond youtube channel.