Mayday Mark 2! More Software Lessons From Aviation Disasters.
Conference (BEGINNER level)
Room D

What can aviation teach us about software? More specifically, what can aviation disasters teach us? 
A lot actually.
In the first edition of this talk, I focused on the human factor of aviation disasters. An important element of both software engineering and aviation. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.
In this talk, I will go deeper into the technical oddities of some of the most famous aviation disasters. Buckle up for more case studies, more geeky stuff, and yeah, also some more human stuff.
We will cover
- Most common causes of aviation disasters and how that has changed over time
- Redundancy in systems
- Deadly UX
- Project failures and (wrong) incentives
Despite the subject matter, this talk is not doom and gloom. It is a practical look at the methods and insights that almost 100 years of investigating commercial aviation disasters can teach us as software engineers.
Adele Carpenter
Adele is a software engineer at Trifork Amsterdam, where she is working on backend systems for the educational sector. Most of her work day is spent in the JVM/Spring ecosystems. Adele got the coding bug later in life but since then has been making up for lost time, going from command line noob to employed software engineer in just one year. Her experiences both in and out of tech have given her a unique perspective on the art of programming together with humans, which she hopes is useful to other humans who program with humans.