Freshly Toasted: How Bun stable version is Heating Up JS & TS Development
Conference (INTERMEDIATE level)
Exec Centre

In the rapidly evolving world of JavaScript and TypeScript, every developer seeks tools that simplify complexities, enhance productivity, and bring a sense of joy to coding. Enter Bun 1.0 - a revolutionary toolkit designed to simplify your development process and make it lightning-fast. In this talk, we'll embark on a thrilling journey to discover how Bun 1.0 promises to reshape our JavaScript and TypeScript development perspectives.
Main Talk Points:
1. The Birth of Bun: Addressing the complexities of JavaScript.
2. Key Features: From its runtime prowess, TypeScript, and TSX capabilities to its hot-reloading magic.
3. Performance Metrics: Comparing Bun 1.0's speeds with Node.js and showcasing its unparalleled efficiency.
4. Developer-Friendly Perks: Dive deep into features like lazy file loading, versatile APIs, optimized testing, and more.
5. The Bun Package Manager: Reimagining package management that's not just compatible but blazing fast.
6. Bun's Testing Supremacy: A look into its test runner capabilities and how it stands out.
By the end of this session, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of Bun 1.0's capabilities and potential and how it influences the future of JavaScript and TypeScript development.
Devlin Duldulao
Co-authored the Packt book Full-Stack Web Development with Spring Boot and Angular; Devlin has been using Angular to build web apps and mobiles for their customers for years. He has been a Microsoft MVP and an on-site Angular trainer for five years.