When building applications to deploy on Docker and Kubernetes, there's always more things to do than there is time to do them! So if you're looking for ways to improve the security of your containerized applications, this talk will cover 10 options for you to consider with practical examples of how they can be added to Docker images and Kubernetes manifests.

Rory McCune

Rory is a senior advocate for Datadog who has extensive experience with Cyber security and Cloud native computing. In addition to his work as a security reviewer and architect on containerization technologies like Kubernetes and Docker he has presented at Kubecon EU and NA, as well as a number of other cloud native and security conferences. He is one of the main authors of the CIS benchmarks for Docker and Kubernetes, a published author on the topic of Cloud Native Security member of Kubernetes SIG-Security and CNCF TAG-Security. When he's not working, Rory can generally be found out walking and enjoying the scenery of the Scottish highlands.