Getting code generators ready for Java 17

Mini-Lab @ Coding Cafe

With Java 17 the still popular code generation library cglib no longer functions due to its unawareness of the module system. To ease the migration to an alternative, Byte Buddy, this code cafe seeks to execute such a migration and to document the process for others that want to do the same for their library or a library that they use.

Scheduled on Tuesday from 11:20 to 12:20 in Coding Cafe

Module System
Code Generators
Java 17

Rafael Winterhalter

Scienta AS

Rafael works as a software consultant in Oslo, Norway. He is a proponent of static typing and a JVM enthusiast with particular interest in code instrumentation, concurrency and functional programming. Rafael blogs about software development, regularly presents at conferences and was pronounced a JavaOne Rock Star. When coding outside of his work place, he contributes to a wide range of open source projects and often works on Byte Buddy, a library for simple runtime code generation for the Java virtual machine. For his work, Rafael received a Duke's Choice award, an Oracle groundbreaker award and was elected a Java Champion.