If someone is talking to you, you can hear them well, but what about me? Experience the world of a hearing-impaired developer and discover the struggles, triumphs, and tips for inclusivity in this inspirational session. Join a Senior Software Engineer with 55% hearing loss as they share their unique journey and show that disability is no barrier to success. Discover how to make your applications and content accessible to those with hearing loss and learn how to work alongside and support hearing-impaired developers. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to break down barriers and unlock the potential of inclusive development.
Ante Tomić
Ante is a skilled and hearing-impaired Senior Software Engineer at Infobip with a strong interest in Web and the technical side of it. With permanent 55% hearing loss in both ears, he’s a testament to the power of determination and hard work which often speaks louder than words. He has a big love and soft spot for rubber ducks and excels at React, JavaScript, Node.JS, build processes, automation and improving developer and customer experiences. He always shares his experience, especially in accessibility. Ante's goal is to always improve, making things more efficient and user-friendly. When he steps away from coding, Ante enjoys discovering new music, long and scenic walks, and capturing the beauty of the world through his hobby of photography, traveling, and travel blogging. As a big extrovert at heart, he’s always up for sharing a laugh, interesting travel stories, or discussing the latest tech topics. Approachable and driven, Ante shows that hearing impairment is just a part of his journey, not the end of his story. If you have a moment, his doors are always open for a chat, so don't hesitate to start a discussion with him - he is more than happy to connect and talk with you!