The evolution of the AI developer

Opening Keynote
Data & AI

Learning to code in the modern era is a world away from how many of us developed our skills. 

Programming used to be algorithmic and is becoming ever more heuristic in its nature, with machine learning and artificial intelligence coming more to the fore.

Having been a developer for 18 years - yes, his development career is officially an adult - Dale Lane has spent much of his time working on AI and ML projects. From involvement in large-scale research ML projects led by expert PhD’s to fun educational projects with a school class of 8-year olds, he has seen first hand how the developer experience has changed massively. 

Join us as we take a retrospective look at how we have coded in the past, speculate on what might come next, and consider what that could mean for the next generation of developers. 

Scheduled on Monday from 10:00 to 10:20 in Gallery Hall

Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning

Dale Lane


Dale is an architect for Kafka and event-streaming in IBM Integration. As the lead developer for IBM Event Streams, he learned about managing Apache Kafka in Kubernetes, and how to make this useful to enterprises. He is also the creator of Machine Learning for Kids, which is a resource for teaching AI and ML which is used by schools around the world.