Wait...can my browser do that??


With the aim of modern web APIs, it is possible to design completely new functionalities and explore unique technological combinations, changing the way we develop and interact with web apps. We can directly use hardware devices and just through our browser! Let's explore some of the most exciting APIs and see how we can combine them to unlock new scenarios and give superpowers to our web apps. 

Scheduled on Tuesday from 11:20 to 12:10 in Exec Room

Web App

Francesco Leardini


Francesco works as senior software engineer and Angular trainer at Trivadis. He is enthusiast about Angular, PWAs, modern web and always looking for new interesting ways to combine them in his projects. He also loves to share what he learned talking to international conferences and local meetups. When he is not busy developing or preparing a tech talk, he likes hiking in the Swiss Alps and attempt taking the best photos he can.