A Kubernetes cluster in a few seconds on your workstation? Come and discover k3s

Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Come and discover how to start a Kubernetes cluster in a few seconds on your workstation thanks to k3s, a certified Kubernetes distribution. This distribution consumes 5x less resources than a traditional Kubernetes cluster.
We will see during this talk how k3s achieves such a feat by making some concessions, how it is architected to be secure and lightweight by default.
We will see how to deploy this cluster on a workstation and start working in a few seconds.
Finally, we will also see k3sup, a utility to install k3s cluster, as well as essential applications, to start up in a few seconds with Kubernetes.


Laurent Grangeau


Laurent Grangeau is a Cloud Solution Architect with more than 10+ years of experience. Former Java developer, he has since developed in .NET, with Agile and DevOps mindsets. He has been experimenting with cloud providers for more than 5+ years. Docker enthusiast from the beginning, he has experienced with building microservices and distributed systems. He loves to automate things and run distributed applications at scale.