Testcontainers can do that?!

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Testcontainers has gained wide adoption for integrated testing in Java, and is frequently used as a stand-in for simple testing dependencies. Its main purpose remains making common integrated testing scenarios easy and reliable.

As a fairly flexible tool, though, there are new features or emergent patterns of usage that open up a range of other testing scenarios. These range from the obscure-but-by-design to the unexpected - but all useful options to add to your testing toolkit!

In this 30 minute session Richard North, original author of the Testcontainers Java project, will demonstrate some of these features and usage patterns, and hopefully give you ways to tackle other testing problems with a familiar tool! This talk is primarily aimed at developers who have at least a little experience with Testcontainers, but should also be of interest to those who are aware of it but yet to use it.

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Richard North


Richard is a lifelong geek, and has worked professionally in software engineering for 13 years. His early career as a consultant took him through a wide variety of projects and industries, working at many layers of the stack. He has a particular focus on Java, but is also experienced in web, native iOS development, databases and automated configuration management. One of his main interests is helping developers be more happy and productive through tooling and automation. This is an interest that intertwines his day job as an engineer at Skyscanner, and also his open source contributions outside of work. He is the creator of the Testcontainers project, having created the Java version in 2015 and has been a core maintainer ever since.