Brace yourself, 🍦Vanilla is coming … back 🕶!

Modern Web

Embrace the power of the Web Platform! A real-life practical guide.

In a world of complex and sophisticated flavors, the battle for toppings among the ice cream families is raging in Web-steros! Who knows who will win between the crunchies of the Angular castle, the hot fudge of the React lands, or the sprinkles of the Vue islands?!

During this time, in another place, the independent Vanilla walks towards his destiny. Could he be the hero from the legend, whom could turn things around?

Hear my story, traveler! My old eyes have seen him in these lands! Let me tell you how he helped us taking down our old king, and you shall learn how he could help you too...

Web Components
Javascript Library
JS Framework
Development Tools
User Experience

Noël Macé

Passionate about sharing technical knowledge and about meeting and helping people, Noël loves to teach and has offered talks on diverse topics from the very beginning of his career in technology. He is a web developer and a developer advocate, a former mobile and Java developer, with experience in learning design, teaching, software architecture and technical management. Based on this wide experience, he now focuses on the developer community, where he helps developers around the world master the modern capabilities of the Web (among other things) through talks, blog posts and OSS contributions.