What should you know about Elastic Search before building an application?

Hands-on Lab
Data & AI

In this workshop we will look at Elastic Search in the role of developer. We will use a dataset to explore Elastic Search. And we will use Kibana or curl for the diehards to access Elastic Search, so this workshop is not for a specific programming language. 

We will begin to get the data out the most efficient way, with some basic and more advanced search queries. We will also look at the mapping or data schema, and we will migrate data on a live system. 

At the end of the workshop you should know most things to get started building your own Elastic Search application without falling in the usual pitfalls.


Jago de Vreede


Jago is a full-stack software engineer at OpenValue, as a software engineer he has seen a broad-spectrum of projects and he has been working on multiple large scale educational software and banking projects for the last years. His work is not exclusive to Java and Scala development but also does front-end development, and the integration between these. He is passionate about his work and likes to share the knowledge and has therefore spoken on conferences worldwide.