2 years with Java 11 in production


At the time of Devoxx UK, Revolut will have been running Java 11 in production for over two years!

As with all JDK upgrades, this didn't happen overnight - let me tell you a little more about our experience. You will hear about our journey, what surprised us, and what we found better than before!

Expect a real life report covering the doubts we had, some pain points (yes…) and gains (YES!), as well as surprises that surprised us. We'll discuss tools, alternative JVM languages, and some 3rd party products, before giving you an insight into the plan for adopting future releases.

We will finish with what “the plan” for adopting future releases is.

Scheduled on Tuesday from 09:00 to 09:50 in Auditorium

Enterprise Java
Java 11
Cloud Native Java

Andrzej Grzesik


ags likes distributed systems in all shapes and form. Coding young age, loves simplicity and continuous delivery. While he has written in many languages, he favours the JVM. Since „most software problems are people problems”, he stirs communities, organizes and speaks at conferences (proud to be a JavaONE Rockstar!). He is passionate about all things data, because science! In his spare time… cycling, photography and books. And he is a Java Champion!

Currently works with Revolut.