Apache Flink is a hot stream processing framework that is dominating the real time data space. But, how does it actually work? Uncover the mysteries of Apache Flink in this immersive journey through its core components. From jobs and execution graphs to operators and subtasks, we'll demystify the framework's workings, empowering you to transform code into tangible business value.
Through intuitive block diagrams seamlessly tied to the codebase, we'll visit Flink's internals. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to convert a SQL query into a fully operational Flink application, sending data to Kafka in real-time.
This talk is tailored for developers seeking to enhance their proficiency in Apache Flink. Whether you're a novice or an experienced user, you will leave with actionable insights and newfound confidence in navigating the Flink codebase. Join us to decode the secrets of Apache Flink and unlock the potential of real-time data processing in your applications.
Danny Cranmer
I am a Principal Engineer at Amazon AWS working on the Managed Service for Apache Flink. We provide a serverless, fully managed service for Apache Flink jobs. I also enjoy contributing to open source projects and am an Apache Flink PMC member